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Y&C Engine Co?, Ltd? is a large-sized enterprise specializing in the research, production and manufacture of the modern and heavy-duty engines of energy conservation and environment protection, and is also the production base of the high-end brand products of Yuchai Machinery? The YC6K series motor which is the leading product of the Company possesses the update technical outcome and keeps more than 40 patents? Inheriting more than 60 years of experienced motor production and relying on experienced international quality management team and top one manufacturing process, our Company is committed to building the world famous heavy-duty power brand?


Y&C Engine Co., Ltd. leading product is 6K series motors, which is independently developed on the basis of dd13/15. It applies reliability growth technology in the engine industry for the first time and breaks through the reliability weakness of Chinese manufacturing. Original introduce combustion and precise electronic control technology, the engine reverse cross flow cooling technology, high strength materials and efficient engine cylinder brake applied technology the success of the innovation, greatly increases the service life of the engine, emissions can meet the ?? standard, with the latest production engine technology in Europe. In winning the "Blue Sky Protection Campaign", the joint power actively responded and took the initiative to fully display the development and support of products of the six countries, striding forward to the new era of the six countries.
6K series motors have been successfully matched with liuqi, jianghuai automobile, dongfeng zhuandi, dayun and other complete vehicle manufacturers, truly breaking through the situation of a single customer, 6K brand has entered the first echelon in the domestic heavy truck field. 6K products are also used in ports, sand pumps, air compressors, mining, yacht, fishing boats and other fields. 6K series motors have been exported to Pakistan, Russia, Indonesia, South Korea, myanmar and more than 10 countries.

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